Dec 05

a film i made for my new cover song of BOY by Book of Love.

The first time I ever heard BOY by Book of Love, was right after Thanksgiving – I was frying my ass off on Black Pyramid geltab LSD in a large Mormon basement in Sandy Utah. Smoking cloves with my girlfriends, sisters, Shawni & Sherri. They had just gotten back from NYC making good money posing as “Mormon” nannies for yuppies. I was so excited to see them after such a long time, I immediately ran over to their house. Before I was even in the door Shawni asked me to stick out my tongue where she carefully placed a tiny black pyramid shaped gel-tab hit of a LSD. Shivering, I brushed the snow off my outfit and warmed my nanners in the glow of the christmas tree and downstairs fire place. Shawni poured me a cocktail and lit me a Djarm. I squealed- A clove! So hard to obtain cloves if you are only 14 years old in Salt Lake City. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching them unpack their suitcases and quietly listening to their rule-breaking, dressed down, secret punk Latter Day Saint nanny shenanigans. Sherri spent a lot of time shopping at a record store called #RebelRebel in the West Village and had scored a couple collectible vintage Depeche Mode picture discs. Jealous, I oohed and ahhed. The acid was kicking in fast, the analogue keyboards sounding so rich.
-Sherri, juggling a clove and tearing the plastic shrink wrap off a gorgeous blue 12” vinyl single with BOY in written across it – proclaimed – “I have something new that you havent heard before.” (Giggle.) “We shall now hear the second best synth pop band on Sire Records called Book of Love”, she placed it on the turntable, put the needle on the record and forgot to change the speed of the 12” 45rpm single and accidentally left it at 33. Shawni don’t bogart the joint man! The 12” single slowly, slowly came on and filled the room – I swear to God it sounded just like this, we all heard it, loved it. We couldn’t believe a band sounded so gorgeous and cool, like synthy 4AD #valiumsynth. So right, but so wrong. We all agreed, it truly was the coolest, 2nd best darkest synth pop on Sire.
– Happy Holidays – Love, JerBerJingleBoobJones
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