Jul 28

F*cking Finally! Downstairs at Gerbil’s

New Full-Length album – Downstairs at Gerbil’s – August 01, 2017 –

Album cover art by Adam Ansell / Graphics by JBJ

downstairs cover jerberjones logo gum web
CD digipak for $15 РIncludes downloads &  shipping in the USA ($20 for international)

$10 to download HD wav & MP3s + Bonus Tracks = 14 songs

Also Available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify, etc. – But we’d rather you have your own personal copy. The music sounds SO MUCH better on a CD or Super-High-Quality HD 24bit .wav files and/or /Mp3 320kbps –
Songs – The Dust One Must Bite, Face vs. Hole, Push My Button, Baby Wants to Fuck, Simple Stoner, Rumpus Room, I Miss Michael, Craftwerk, Guten Morgen Fair Child, Lady Wants to Funk – CD or USB album get BONUS TRACKS – Boy (Book of Love cover), Upside Down (Diana Ross cover) & remixes.

Vinyl sales from Diggers soon!

Purchase below by using paypal. And thank you! You just supported independent music!

JERBERJONES – Downstairs at Gerbil’s – Your Choice