Apr 08

MY MAGIC ORGAN – The new album by Robbie Daniels – $12

MY MAGIC ORGAN – Purchase the CD now! (Thanks!)

DigiPak CD available now!

DigiPak CD available now!

Will also be available at L.A. Eyeworks stores.

The digipak! $12 gets you the DigiPak CD + a subscription to the MP3 album, remixes & remakes available for download. (We’ll email you the link to the MP3 downloads after we have sent out the physical CD.)

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CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CD $15 (Global shipping outside USA)

All new reverb drenched, slow, vintagey-electronic songs written & performed by Robbie Daniels on a 1979 Lowrey organ purchased for $25 at the Deseret Industries Thrift Store, in the red dirt lands of Southern Utah, where Robbie writes & records.. Robbie created & self produced the entire project from top to bottom, including sound design, vocals, organ performance, mixing, graphics, photography. Everything! It’s a truly unique 21st Century product using 20th century technology. No midi! No auto-tune! Gorgeous analog richness & deep barritone masculine vocals make this an album unlike any other performer is creating today.
Inspired by my Native American Indian & polygamist ancestors, the desert landscape, current political & social events, and the sometimes-cheesy but lush sounds from the Lowrey organ itself.Robbie deconstructed sounds coming from the “Festival” spinet, but also kept some of it’s original bygone era nuance.

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